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24th-Sep-2018 11:59 pm - Friends Only.

Friends Only.
Comment to be added.
18th-Dec-2008 08:52 pm - XBOX 360 I WANT TO HUMP YOU

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Brent came home and ran in the room is like "Can you keep a secret" 
me "ummm yeah what is it" 

Brent "He got you the xbox 360 the biggest one they have, he was like act suprised" 
The funny thing is I will probally forget that He got it for me
soo yeah

Brents dad Is like jesus in my eyes right now.. Yes jesus. Now I can play my silenthill Homecomming game <3

Holy crap


 Me and the sissssttteeeer <3

Real Update Later <3


29th-Nov-2008 11:25 pm - peek a Boo. I see You..
Well yesterday brent and his dad went hunting and I watched Csi and fell asleep the rest of the day until they came home around like 9ish, Brents mom had to go to the hosptial because she had a UTI, crazyness they didn't get home till like 1. Me and brent went to walmart and got some food and came back home and watched Manswers Okay, seriously Best show EVVVVER! What I learned, REAL BOOBS FLOAT IN WATER ! I Talked with my mom and she said she is having fun visting the family But they are comming home sunday night. Today Brent and his brother and his dad went to go hunting again, but still no deer, I woke up around like 2 something and saw brent off and then I went to play on the net and then brents cat scooter was laying there and then I cuddled with him and he fell asleep. Brent came home around 7 and made tuna cassarole and we got ready to go downtown, even though it was raining. So bayfront was shut down, nobody came and me and brent just drove around, I was just kinda sad, i guess its these damn mood swings. :[ They suck. Brent made me feel better and just drove around with me and got us doughnuts! We came home and we cuddled and I told him "He was like my best friend, I woudln't know what to do without him. " I swear he is perfect, He knows how to make me happy how to perk me up when I'm sad, Everything. I love him more then anything in this world. But i'm gonna go comment :]
25th-Nov-2008 05:16 pm - HOLY CRAP
Evil ALice

Well I am doing much better, Went to the hosptial last night me and brent waitied for 3 hours, And after that we went to get ice cream because he said i was being a "good girl".  Cute eh :3  . But the doctor at the hospital told me it was Mecer Some sorta staff, which means i'm prone to get it again.  But my antibotics are working on it, and they said why it was making me sick because I was mixing to the two together, But honestly I'm not really in a lot of pain so I'm gonna stop the tabs. Brents mom just called me and told me I basically have a job with her making more then 8.50 an hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All i'm doing is data entry HELL YEAH! I told brent and he gave me the biggest hug so now i can start saving up for the baby and the wedding and everything and by and XBOX 360 NOW :WOOOOT: So i am very happy about this, I can acutally start helping in the relationship. Brent said that he would by me a studd for my lip ring as long as I took OUT the septum. I am sad about this yes, But the septum Does need to go, but I feel like its a part of me ya know? I would MUCH rather my lip ring, and my parents hate my percing too.. SOOOOO


GOOODBYE SEPTUM PIERCING.  Brents mom says I start on Monday with her and she is gonna bring some stuff home so I can get a heads up on this. Brent is like "OooOO i Have a sugar mama now " It was cute. But I am totally happy. <3333

17th-Nov-2008 06:20 pm - Hmmm

So last night was amazing, Totally we ordered pizza and watched house, and then I watched Charm school. WTF DALLAS LEFT, THAT IS BULLSHIT. Then after that  me and brent had a lot of sex. AMAZING . Then Sleep. Well Today was alright. I guess brents brother locked himself out of the car, and then we had to take him a key, then we got gas in the truck and cashed his check. After that we went to mcdonalds and got some food. Damn that stuff is amazing. Well Me and brent laied in bed and talked about our wedding, I'm still trying to figure things out, Wedding dress people to invite. THANK GOD, i already have my 2 brides maides. ( Becca seriously. You are amazing)  Trying to make a list of everybody. Brent and his dad left to go to the gym to its just me here. Wedding plans and everything fill my head.
well Yesterday me and brent did a whole lot of nothing yesterday, all we did was watch some tv and eat pizza <3 But it made my day, I did his laundry and then we went to walmart and we got some food. Then we came home and watched Leathal Weapon, It was fun ^.^ Then later on in the night We went to krispy creme but It was closed then we just went to walmart and got some ice cream And guess who we saw there, Ashley, the girl john was cheating on me with, and all of her stupid ass friends. With the whole brent thng, I think he is going to file for unemployment and go to west tech and go back to school to become a police officer, So that makes me happy. Today I woke up and ate some pizza and now I'm watching ghost busters and just playing on the net. Brents last check was over $900 so now he can get his bills in order and other stuff and today around 3 he is going to leave to find out how much school will be, I think when he goes to school at night, i'm gonna try to get a day job so we can get extra money. Lets see how this works out. I called my public defender to ask about the case and she said that Nov 12 That is when john makes his takes or refuses his plea bargan, So we will see, I don't have to go but it will be really good to go, But she is gonna call me back to talk to me some more about it. O BTW I found my lipring balls, I was getting stuff out of the truck and it falls right on the bed, So i'm happy <3333
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